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Featured MORE THAN PINK Walk Team:

Thirty, Flirty and Surviving 


Nicole Dorion was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2019 at the age of 29. When Nicole’s friends and family heard the news they sprang into action. They created a MORE THAN PINK Walk team to celebrate Nicole and her warrior spirit.

“I recently turned 30 while going through chemotherapy. That’s where our team name comes from — it’s a play on the trending phrase: thirty, flirty, and thriving, but instead we’re surviving because I’m determined to be a survivor,” Nicole said.

Team Thirty, Flirty and Surviving is made up of young individuals — mainly those in their late-twenties and early-thirties.

“We’re a relatively young group, so our lives have been mostly focused on things like getting married, building careers, starting families, remodeling homes and advancing education,” Nicole said. “Cancer is not something that’s been a part of our experiences until I was diagnosed.”

Since finding out about her diagnosis, Nicole’s support network found a new focus for their lives — changing the future for men and women with breast cancer.

Currently, team Thirty, Flirty and Surviving has surpassed their fundraising goal and continues to make great strides within the fight against breast cancer. Keep an eye out for this team and their matching t-shirts on walk day as they support Nicole.

To register for the Central Wisconsin MORE THAN PINK Walk on August 11 at the 400 Block in Downtown Wausau, click here

Check out other featured teams:


In 2016, MORE THAN PINK Walk team Snapdragons came together in support of Kim Dahm, a central Wisconsin resident living with metastatic breast cancer. Fearlessly led by Kim herself, team Snapdragons was Kim’s way of celebrating her journey after being diagnosed in August 2015.

Team Snapdragons at Race for the Cure.

“Since I could not control the cancer, I wanted to control my future and raise money for research and to help those in my community in need,” Kim said.

Team Snapdragons is known for the positive energy they bring to Walk Day each year. According to Kim, her team’s favorite part of the day is the camaraderie that they feel from working together to accomplish something important — helping Komen Wisconsin become one step closer to a world without breast cancer.

Snapdragons’ team captain Kim Dahm with a fellow teammate.

With Kim’s family by blood and her chosen family supporting her with each stride, she continues to enjoy the little moments, smiles and laughter.

“We enjoy the little things while at the MORE THAN PINK Walk, such as the knowing looks and unspoken words between survivors. If you are thinking about creating your own team, just know that you matter — and we need you,” Kim said.


Faye’s Fearless Fighters


In just one year, Central Wisconsin MORE THAN PINK WALK team Faye’s Fearless Fighters, has almost doubled in size. The team is fearlessly led by Taylor Jaecks, who formed it in support of her mother Faye who was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2018.

Taylor and Faye at the 2018 Race for the Cure.

“The best part of our first walk in 2018 was having my mom there to cheer everyone on. She had just had her surgery two days prior to the walk, but she came out and cheered on our family and friends while we walked in honor of her. That was something special for all of us,” Taylor said.

This year Faye’s Fearless Fighters will be lacing up their shoes and walking united as a mighty team of 50 members. They believe that this is a great cause that creates an amazing sense of community. “The MORE THAN PINK WALK is something everyone should join in on,” Taylor said.  

This year Faye’s Fearless Fighters will be sport matching shirts with a brand new design for the 2019 walk. Be sure to look out for Faye’s Fearless Fighters on Walk Day as they join Komen Wisconsin in the fight against breast cancer.


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