Helping a neighbor in Central Wisconsin

In August of 2015, Kim Dahm laced up her walking shoes and participated in Central Wisconsin’s annual MORE THAN PINK Walk (formerly known as Race for the Cure). A friend was looking for a walking partner, so Kim decided to join her for a day with Komen Wisconsin. Little did Kim know that the following year she would be walking in the same event in honor of her own battle with breast cancer.

More than just a lump


Two days after that initial Walk in 2015, Kim felt a lump in her breast. She didn’t have much time to process what to do next, as she was heading to Denver to celebrate her brother’s graduation from graduate school.

Following encouragement from her family, Kim made a post-trip appointment with her doctor and underwent a series of tests. She was told that not only was the lump in her breast cancerous, but the cancer had spread to her liver, too. At the young age of 43, Kim was diagnosed with de novo metastatic breast cancer.

“The hardest part of my diagnosis was thinking, ‘Why me?’” Kim said. “It was a life-changing moment. It changed how I think and act each and every day.”

Making strides toward a cure

IMG_4649The following August Kim once again laced up her walking shoes — this time in honor of her own fight against breast cancer. She was determined to not only create a supportive and enthusiastic team for the MORE THAN PINK Walk, but to also raise dollars she knew would be essential in the fight against breast cancer.

“Throughout my breast cancer journey, I have been very fortunate,” Kim said. “My employer has been amazing, and my insurance covers my medical costs, but I know there are a lot of people in Central Wisconsin and beyond who are not as fortunate.”

“Since I cannot control the cancer, I want to control my future and raise money for breast cancer research and help those in need in my community.”

Each year since her diagnosis, Kim has walked with her team, Snapdragons, raising dollars that she knows are helping her local neighbors — some of whom she may have passed in the grocery store.

“Since I cannot control the cancer, I want to control my future and raise money for breast cancer research and help those in need in my community,” Kim said.

Helping a local neighbor

The funds raised at the MORE THAN PINK Walk help fund the Komen Wisconsin Breast Cancer Assistance Fund, a local resource available to residents in 22 counties across Wisconsin. The fund provides financial assistance for breast health services, such as clinical breast exams and mammograms. It also pays for support services for those with breast cancer, including insurance copays, rent, childcare costs, transportation costs and more.

MORE THAN PINK Walk fundraising dollars also help fund breakthrough breast cancer research, including research in Wisconsin.

“I fundraise for Komen Wisconsin because I want to do something to help make this process a little more simpler for someone going through the same things I have,” Kim said.

Click HERE to register for the MORE THAN PINK Walk on Sunday, August 11 in downtown Wausau. Help us reach our fundraising goal so we can help save more lives in Central Wisconsin.

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